6 Best Cars For Drag Racing In The Crew: Motorfest

The Crew: Motorfest is packed with a variety of competitions for players to participate in. And one of these competitions is called Drag Racing.

Participants in The Crew: Motorfest have the opportunity to compete in a broad range of competitions. One of which being Drag Racing. The events that take place in drag racing are distinct from the majority of races in that they require participants to complete a series of quick-time events and timed gear changes in order to achieve the highest attainable speed.

In The Crew: Motorfest, selecting the appropriate vehicle for drag racing is primarily a question of personal preference. This is due to the fact that testing has demonstrated that almost all of the available dragsters perform in the same manner and are capable of reaching the same maximum speeds (with one exception that will be mentioned later). As a result, this list is contingent upon the tastes of the individual.

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