All Crash Skins In Crash Team Rumble, Ranked

Why play online games if you don’t want to show off? Most of these games let you change the way your characters look, and Crash Team Rumble is no different. One way or another, you can always get a better look around here, whether you use the character, buy the Deluxe version of the game, or use the battle pass.

And the Bandicoot, whose name is on both the game and the series, is the best figure to talk about. It’s a lot of fun to play with Crash here and in all of his other games. He’s a real hero. So, let’s talk about the way he dresses.

Honorable Mention: Other Customizations

cortex-hat-crash-team-rumble.jpg (740×370)

Before we talk about the unique skins for our Bandicoot, it’s important to note that those aren’t the only faces the game has. You can also change your hat, add things to your back, make your Wumpa glow, and even change the shadow icon below you. Unlike skins, you can use this icon with any character you want. If you level up your Hero or buy the Battle pass, you can get those.

In this case, when you deliver Wumpa, which is meant to go with the Game Crashed skin, you have a low-poly effect and a blocky hat. Or the Sphinxinator looking great on the Mummy skin. Some hats, like the fedora, are more general, but that just means they’re easy to connect to any skin. It’s easy to choose.

Game Crashed

game-crashed-crash-team-rumble.jpg (740×370)

The lowest-ranked skin, this one is still pretty cute in its own way. Of course, its blocky style makes it look like a developer’s unfinished work, but that’s on purpose, and it’s what makes it stand out.

Another cute thing about this skin is that every character only has this limited theme, so you and your friends can rumble together wearing clothes that match. If you buy the Deluxe version of Funny Shooter 2, this skin is yours.

On The Prowl

on-the-prowl-crash-team-rumble.jpg (740×370)

The On The Prowl skin looks good and isn’t too hard to get. It has simple color changes that make you stand out more, and Crash’s body is striped with blue, making him look like a cat hunter. Bandicoots aren’t usually like that, but hey, it looks good. It’s still not a big change from the main look, though.

To get this skin, all you have to do is play as Crash and earn Hero experience for him. Once you hit level six on his progression bar, you’ll be able to use it.

Easily Spotted

easily-spotted-crash-team-rumble.jpg (740×370)

For some reason, Toys For Bob has linked Crash with cats in a strange way. Easily Spotted is based on a similar idea, but it looks very different. It gives our opossum a yellow color scheme and spots, as you may have guessed from the name of the skin.

This skin is also part of Crash’s character development, which means that all you have to do to get it is play as him. You need to get him to level 15, though, which is the highest level any character can reach (so far). This means it takes longer to do.


banditcoot-crash-team-rumble.jpg (740×370)

A bad crash, maybe? You can still be the hero, but you can give yourself more of an edge by going with the Bandit style. This style has a white and purple color scheme, and the character has a mark on his face that looks like a mask, probably because it looks like a raccoon.

Banditcoot is unlocked in the same way as the other two, which means you’ll have to play as Crash for a while if you want this skin all to yourself. You can get it when you reach level 12, which is basically after On the Prowl but before Easily Spotted.

Crash Bandicoot

crash-bandicoot-crash-team-rumble.jpg (740×370)

You shouldn’t fix something that isn’t broken, right? The default look of Crash is already pretty recognizable, especially with the art style used in Crash 4, which gives him a more modern look while still keeping the cartoon elements. He looks more like a mouse, so maybe more people will figure out he’s not a fox, but we don’t think so.

And the best part is that all you have to do to get this look is buy the game. Like other characters, Crash doesn’t need to be opened. He’ll already have that look, so there’s not much you need to do here.


mummy-crash-team-rumble.jpg (740×370)

Look no further if you want to look dangerous. This isn’t the first game to have a mummy skin for Crash, but it’s by far the best. It has a nice helmet, the right clothes, and the wrapping you’d expect from a mummy.

This skin stands out because it has one of the most detailed designs in the game. It also has big blue eyes and a mouth that looks really scary. You’ll have to do a little more to get this look. Instead of character progression, you’ll get it when you hit level 50 in Season One’s battle pass.

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