The Best Home Decor Finds to Brighten Your Mood and Elevate Your Space…

These days, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the constant news cycle or simply trying to handle all of the family, personal and work responsibilities that are on your plate. What’s one way to help your mental health? Revamping your space with new home decor ideas!

Studies have shown that interior design has the potential to affect our happiness and wellbeing. According to Psychology Tomorrow, everything from paint color and floor material to layout and lighting can influence our mood for better or worse. So even if yummy scented candles and jewel-toned pillows aren’t your thing, switching up your home decor can still be a great way to enter each season with a fresh perspective and mindset. Ahead, an assortment of accessories, art, textiles and more to reinvigorate your home this year.

Ready for some amazing home decor ideas for every room in your house? We’ve got you covered!

Best Home Decor Ideas

Eyelet Agate Coaster, $16 at Anthropologie

A small way to make a big impact is by utilizing coasters as decorative accents. A stack of four atop a coffee table looks like an interesting art object that doubles to protect water-stain-prone surfaces. Opt for an unexpected shape or texture to elevate your space further.

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Chronicle Books ‘High Vibe Home’ Book, $22.95 at Nordstrom 

Small accents go a long way when it comes to coffee table decor, so finding a compelling yet refined collection of items is key. A large coffee table book is a classic decorating choice, but smaller books have their place as well—in fact, their size makes them even more inviting for guests to engage with.

Velvet Appliqué Accent Pillow, $49 at Nordstrom

Swapping out much-loved throw pillows in favor of something fresh and bright can bring new life to an entire room. It’s also a great design tool to blend together colors and textures from multiple pieces to make your space feel more cohesive. Find a style that has a few colors already present in your decor, and build on from there.

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Ansel Glass Table Lamp, $99 at Urban Outfitters

Objects that are dual-purpose art and function are an effective choice no matter your design preferences. When unlit, this glass lamp is effectively an intriguing art sculpture, and when illuminated, casts a dreamy glow around its perimeter.

Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Marble Pattern Throw Blanket, $168 at Nordstrom

No living room is complete without cuddle-worthy blankets; a minimum of three in my personal opinion. The price point of this throw blanket by Barefoot Dreams is proportionate to the level of softness—trust me.

Best 2022 Kitchen Decor Ideas for Your Home

Bootle Opener, $18 at Urban Outfitters

A bottle opener is a kitchen staple no matter if you’re cracking open Topo Chicos or hard kombuchas. Instead of your standard model, opt for a whimsical style like this aptly named one from Urban Outfitters. A bold bright print is not only a mood booster but helpful when you’re trying to locate it amongst your party essentials.

Enamel Spoon Rest, $24 at Anthropologie

Avoid that yucky pool of grease and food that inevitably gets left wherever you set down a cooking utensil with a stylish spoon rest. This enamel model from Anthropologie fits the bill with its subtle contrast colors and ultra glossy finish. They even make serving and cooking utensils in a variety of pastel colors for an artsy mix and match look.

MOMA Design Store Wire Mesh Bowl, $50 at Nordstrom

I grew up with one of these in my kitchen and have always thought they looked like they should be in a sculpture museum. The modern yet retro shape is a bold statement in this cobalt blue color. Bonus feature, since it’s made of mesh, you can see all the produce you have at the bottom which can help reduce food waste!

Kate Spade New York Park Circle Cocktail Carafe, $79.99 on Amazon

Presentation is half of the cocktail experience, so serve guests your delicious concoction in this elegant carafe. Complete with a pouring spout and mixing tool, this vintage-inspired piece is begging for a spot on your bar cart.

Best Bathroom Decor Ideas

Round Ivory Floral Fresh & Clean Bath Mat, $19.99 at World Market

Even though they’re on the floor, bath mats take up a lot of visual real estate and are thus key to bathroom decor. If you’ve had a solid square one for a while now, it’s probably time to switch it up in both color and shape. There are plenty of fun styles with cheeky sayings and graphics, but this one is bound to make you smile stepping out of the shower.

Mala The Brand Candle Chai, $32 at Nordstrom

Swapping out your bathroom decor on a seasonal basis is a way to breathe fresh life into your space and your self-care routines. One of my personal rituals is lighting a candle and giving myself a mini at-home facial to unwind. Chai is my personal favorite scent—it’s rich and warm but not overly sweet.

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Artie Brush Stroke Shower Curtain, $39 at Urban Outfitters

A new shower curtain can completely change the look and feel of your bathroom. The color and shade of the curtain not only impact the aesthetic, but the brightness in your shower! Lighter tones make your shower feel bigger while darker shades give a cozy cocoon effect.

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Best Home Decor Ideas for Your Office

Zelda Frame, $34 at Anthropologie

If your profession accommodates remote working, it’s beneficial (if possible) to have some separation between your work and your home. That way you have an environment where you can focus while you’re on the clock, and leave the emails all behind when you’re not. Whether it’s your pet, an inspiring quote or your celebrity crush, adding a framed photo to your WFH set-up is a classic way to personalize your space.

Macrame Letter Sorter, $38 at Anthropologie

A giant part of maintaining a functional home office is keeping everything organized! You don’t want it to become the junk drawer of your house—speaking from experience. Mail especially can add up fast, so having a single space for it to go to be sorted and dealt with will help keep it from becoming a permanent fixture of your desk. Go for something decorative that you see frequently so you’re less likely to let it pile up.

Best 2022 Bedroom Decor

Freya Ceramic Trinket Tray, $16 at Anthropologie

Using trinket trays in your decor is a savvy way to keep things organized in an aesthetically pleasing way. Fill these fun and functional dishes with your essential jewelry so that your favorite pieces are always accessible, or designate one as the landing spot for your keys and wallet when you walk in the door. No matter how you use it, including a trinket tray in your room will optimize both style and storage.

Mambo Art Studio Green Aura Art Print, $24 – $299 at Urban Outfitters

Filling your space with positive imagery and affirmations can do wonders to boost your mood. Colorful prints like this Aura one make an optimistic addition to your bedroom. Mood-boosting decor is especially important in the bedroom since we begin and end each day there.

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Connected Goods Capiz Shade Chime, $67 at Anthropologie

Looking to add something decorative to your space that’s not wall art? Try a mobile or chime to add sparkle and intrigue to a corner of your room. This one from Anthropologie would be stunning over a reading chair or next to a makeup vanity.

Waverly Arch Mirror, $69 at Urban Outfitters

Another functional design trick is to hang a mirror on the wall near your bedroom door so you can easily double-check your look before heading out for the day. Opt for a trendy abstract blob shape to add a bit of whimsy to your space. Bonus points if it makes you smile too!

Peri Home Vintage Tile Comforter & Sham Set, $149.99 – $179.99 at Nordstrom

Upgrading to new bedding is one of the highest impact design choices for the bedroom. Not only does the bed take up a lot of space, it affects your quality of sleep and overall wellness. Look for a set in a fairly neutral color—according to your personal style—with a bit of texture or pattern for an expensive feel.

Best Patio and Backyard Decor 2022

Nadya Ribbed Watering Can, $32 at Anthropologie

Another object that is equal parts decorative and functional, this funky watering can will make sure you never neglect your plants again. It comes in three different shapes and colors for an artistic update to this classic garden essential.

Black Metal And Cement 2 Tier Planter, $76.99 at World Market

When maximizing small outdoor spaces, whether that’s porches or patios, height is your friend. You may not have room for the plant oasis of your dreams by using average pots that sit on the ground, but utilizing a few double or even triple-decker models multiplies the lush possibilities. For a clean look, opt for something sleek like this black metal and cement style from World Market.

Geo Ceramic Lantern, $98 – $108 at Anthropologie

The gentle flicker of candlelight adds a warm touch to every outdoor space. Snag a few in varying sizes for extra light and visual effect.

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