The Main Errors People Make When Going Into Small Residences

In Lyons, Colorado, there is a small-dwelling trip resort with 22 homes starting from whimsical Hobbit-esque areas to trendy abodes.

tiny-resort in Lyons, Colorado

A row of tiny properties at WeeCasa Very small Family Trip resort.

Monica Humphries/Insider

After a 2013 flood ruined items of Lyons, Colorado, just like the city’s cell-residence park, the home proprietor and a handful of companions brainstormed repurpose the land.

Kenyon Waugh, one of many companions, reported he tossed out the idea of remodeling the house into a really small-residence trip resort. 

“I had presumably been tiny properties for 7 or 8 yrs at that stage and pushed throughout the state to see them, be inside of them, and converse to builders,” Waugh knowledgeable Insider.

The group acquired 10 little properties and had the land authorised for tenting, Waugh claimed. In 2015, the WeeCasa Tiny Property Trip resort opened. Not just like the cell properties, WeeCasa’s tiny homes are technically RVs on wheels, so they’re movable within the event of another flood. 

Waugh is now the “WeeEO” of WeeCasa Tiny Property Resort in Lyons, which is a 40-minute push to Rocky Mountain Nationwide Park and a most well-liked Colorado metropolis for weddings. 

So significantly, it actually is been a accomplishment, Waugh defined at this time there are 22 rentable very small properties ranging in design and magnificence, construction, and construction. 

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