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Property transfers

Grant and Nancy H. Massie to Salina Khanna. Parcel, Lexington Turnpike and extra adjoining parcel, 27.236 acres, $92,000

Larry Chapman Money Sr., Bonnie Money Powell, Jerry Lee Money and Virginia C. Arthur to Hunter and Kaylan Glass. Parcel, fronting O’Possum Island Street, $193,400

Gregory Shawn Arthur to Addimae LLC. Tons 6-9, Dale Heights, $127,500

Donald T. Mason Sr. to Alexander Reed Constructions LLC. 131 Oak Leaf Dr., $30,800

Helen Bates to Alexander Reed Constructions LLC. Parcel, between Va. 168 and Wright Store Street, 1.54 acres, $4,950

Joey Dean Whitt and Michelle Whitt to Leslie M. O‘Brien. Lot 89, Brandywine, $205,000

Yong Su Shun to Larry L. and Rebecca M. Hurst. Lot 37, Poplar Grove Gold Neighborhood, $440,000

Individuals are additionally studying…

Katie L. Bawell to Enrique A. and Susan R. Castro. 3189 Wildway Street, $219,000

Emily B. Reed to Zachariah Web page and Rachel Elliott. Lot 4, Log Cabin Street, $212,000

William F. Lewis and Jenny L. Lewis to Kelvin Braxton. 454 Pumping Station Street, $350,000

Clayton C. Bryant Jr. to James Z. McWhorter and Gabriela M. Zapatero. Parcel, 50.302 acres, Webb Mill Street, $135,000

Clayton C. Bryant Jr. to Phillip M. Hull and Margaret E. Moyer. Parcel, 50.428 acres, Webb Mill Street, $135,000

Carol A. Donato to Wheatland Restore LLC. 2044 Police Tower Street, $165,000

Bailey Monetary LLC to Alexander J. Zorychta. Lot 38, Ridgecrest Subdivision, Lakes District, $699,900

Shane W. Spradlin to Matthew C. and Rachael A. Kirkland. 1644 Gravel Hill Street, Blue Ridge District, $344,950

Lance W Hayes to William A. and Linda Kay Gorby. Parcel, Timberwood Lane, Lakes District, $322,853.27

Tyler W. Hatcher and Hannah D. Stegall to Daniel Aaron and Sofia Olivia Maine. 1315 Savanna Hills Dr., Lakes District, $296,000

Brian E. Leipheimer and Vienne Okay. Murray to David A. and Kimberly A. Golway. Lot 35, Waterside, Lakes District, $275,000

Ada J. Woodford to Angel Nicole and Horace Donnie Shelton Jr. Parcel, Morgan’s Church Street, Lakes District, $250,000

Kevin Schick to Levi Z. and Valentina A. West. 1956 Eagle Level Street, Lakes District, $209,900

Bobbie O. Blankenship to Dale F. and Gail J. Robertson. Parcel, Headens Bridge Street, 67.351 acres, Lakes District, $200,000

Randall Scott Smith to Matthew L. and Hannah W. Hostutler. Parcel, 1.159 acres, Va. 749, Lakes District, $169,000

Steven Lewis Wirt, Pamela D. Osborne, Scott Timothy Wirt and Erica Daybreak Harris Amos to Lone Wolf Investments LLC. 1895 Bee Hole Street, Blue Ridge District, $160,000

Anderson, Desimone & Inexperienced PC to Carlos Mario and Esmerelda Torres. Parcel, intersection of Va. 619 and Va. 839, Blue Ridge District, $150,000

Drenda M. Dillon to Hugh David Cundiff. Lot 9, part 2, Honeytree, Lakes District, $140,000

June Marie Bobbitt to Paul L. Mattson and Harvey Mattson. Lot 1 and portion of lot 2, Radford Ford Street, Lakes District, $125,000

Wilson David Howell II and Sara Lee Howell Fisher to TNT Rental Properties LLC. 17335 Stewartsville Street, Blue Ridge District, $120,000

Maria Elizabeth Freire to Earl Vincent and Rose Marie Submit. 1031 White Home Street, Lakes District, $76,000

Spencer T. Bobbitt to Spring Rose Lane LLC. Three parcels, Virginia Byway, Lakes District, $70,000

Geoffrey Joseph and Gail Martin Hopkins to Brook and Amanda Hamilton. Tract 1, Mentow Dr., Lakes District, $61,900

Greenway Development Inc. to F&B Contractors, LTD. Lot 25, part 3, Diamond Hill Estates, Lakes District, $52,500

Robert B. Adkins to Alec Brennan and Alumbria Riniel Djukovich. Parcel, Skyway Dr., Lakes District, $38,500

Diane M. Charlton and Joyce G. Dearmond to Bonnie J. Kragh and Sarah J. Allman. Two parcels, Leaping Run Dr., Blue Ridge District, $34,000

Zucker Curtis A. Pullen Jr., Savalya R. Robinson, Idoletta R. Allen and Chrystal Wiles to Getting Land LLC. Lot 9, 3.732 acres, division of land for the Heirs of Lucy Pullen, Lakes District, $13,000

Scott A. and Ida J. Heath to Michael Ore and Jennifer Lynn Maxfield Ore. Lot 1, Gladdy Estates, Lakes District, $12,900

Timothy Holloway Bolick to Greg Phillips, trustee. Lot 3, part 10, Cliffview Estates, Blue Ridge District, $5,000

William T. Could Sr. and Karen W. Could to Matthew McShane Kidd and Teresa E. Kidd. 1908 Huge Island Freeway, $98,374

Terrell Kent and Frances Webb Ford to Caleb M. and Lindsay E. Beasley. Lot 17, block 3, part 2, Forest Park, $350,000

William M. Kirn to Robert and Regina Dyer. Lot 28 and a part of lot 29, Dogwood Haven, $30,000

Christopher A. Cantu to Bedford Storage Funding LLC. Parcel, intersection of Greenwood Ave. and Broad St., $16,000

Thaxton Associates to Tony A. Claytor, Jeffrey D. Witt and Bradley Okay. Morrison. Parcel, 0.976 acres, Summit St., $150,000

Michael A. and Danielle R. Speranza to Erin Marie and Danny W. Gordon. 820 Faculty St. and extra parcel, Faculty St. and parcel, Randolph St., $234,900

Charles W. Lee III and Pricilla J. Bettis to James M. Victor and Holly L. Victor, trustees. Lot 65, Matthew Talbot Street, $380,000

William Mauser to James Bradley and Krista L. Moore. 2758 Purple Hill Street, $85,000

Robert Lewis Didley and Deborah G. Dudley to Wanda H. and William A. Robertson Jr. 0 Bellevue Street, $125,000

Joseph Thurman Smith Jr. to James W. and Wendy C. Walker. 5990 Charlemont Street, $310,000

William W. Carson and Jackie D. Carson to William W. Carson Jr. and Cathy Craig-Carson. Lot 1, block 1, part 2, Haven Heights, $141,500

Charles L. Grantham to Summit Traders Group Inc. Lot 6, Virginia Byway, $62,000

William R. Bailey III to Thomas J. Franklin III and Suzette Lindsay Franklin. Lot 17, part 2, Laurel Lake, $290,000

Jessica D. Williams to Steven B. and Leona P. Bounce. Parcel, 0.25 acres, U.S. 501, $117,000

Hongxi Zou and Jianyun Lan to Tariq Mahmood and Helay Mentioned-Miakhel. Lot 3, Summerfield, $275,000

Mary Jane Corridor to Catherine Michelle Ford. Lot 24, Walnut Hills, $24,000

Erica G. Campbell to NBS Actual Property LLC. Lot 21, Winden Hills, $68,000

Cynthia C. Walker and Phyllis S. Hartless to Isaiah J. Conley and Lillian R. Martz. Lot 20, part 1, Lighthouse Townhouses, $139,900

Jason L. Jennings to Robert and Crystal Passley. 336 Mount Hermon Street, $187,000

Brian W. and Keyla D. Jones to Paige N. Paulas. Lot 3, part 2, Deerfield Subdivision, $285,000

Kevin D. Jones to Zachariah I. and Leah E. Jones. Lot 3F, part III, Inexperienced Meadows, $235,000

Devin J. Mann and Juliana Mann to Sila and Orakarn Kamolmatayakul. Lot 122, part 2, Braxton Park, $260,000

Robert M. and Bonnie B. Tillotson to William Man Lackey. Lot 10, part 1, Windsor Forest, $145,000

M.J.D. Builders Inc. to Jacqueline M. Smith. Lot 14, part 2, Hyland Farm, $375,000

Lora Okay. Stratton Moon to Traci J. Roberson. Lot 14, part 5, Wildwood, $390,000

Vanessa E. Rice to NBS Actual Property LLC. Unit 404, Lighthouse Condominium, $80,000

George Allan Patterson to Terry B. Whorley. Parcel, Wileman Street, $15,000

AFJ Inc. to Brenton John and Jamie Leann Swyers. 1316 Pierce St., $120,000

Odella C. Jackson II to Shannon Miles and Carlton Andrews. 204 Creekview Court docket, $389,900

BD Investments LLC to John Paul and Alice Battle Jones. Lot 61, part IV, The Protect at Oakwood, $139,900

Leonard Lee and Nurbaiti Brownfield to Samuel Out and Abena A. Badu. 125 Wyndview Dr., $295,000

MRA Properties LLC to Bower & Espresso LLC. 2700 Langhorne Street, $415,000

Judith A. Smith to Thomas and Teresa Boylan. New lot 13, part II, The Protect at Oakwood, $115,000

Antonia M. Davis to Matthew J. Buckingham. Tons 13, 14 and 28, Mountain View Addition, $121,000

Ian A. and Jessica L. Buckmaster to Delia Smith. 4346 Fort Ave., $220,000

Tommy and Trinh T. Nguyen to Cameron D. Bullock and Jacob Dominic Hamel. Lot 11, Brenleigh Grove, $214,000

Corneilus A. Cashwell to Angela Mackzum. 1014 Second St., $36,500

Fritts Value LLC to Christopher Theophil Zabriskie and Kathryn McIntosh Zabriskie, trustees. 4013 Peakland Place, $799,900

Odysseus LLC to Mark Laubscher and Jordan Clark. 132 and 136 Palmer Dr., $30,000

Patricia A. Dolsey to Covenant Holdings LLC. 516 Victoria Ave. and 707 Spring St., $57,000

Pandora A. Lewis to W. Blair Thurmond Jr. 4610 Hilltop Dr., $150,000

Marc and Amery Delamarter to Jacob C. Smith. 86 Polk St., $160,000

Herbert Wayne Duff Jr. and Kelle Whitley Duff and Chad Wayne and Kimberly Duff English to 223 Chesterfield Street LLC. Lot 26, part 3, addition to Windsor Hills, $315,000

Timothy O. Humphries to Empire Capital LLC. 1127 Park Ave., $82,000

Christopher J. Mejia Jr. and Edward Evans to David Christian Ricksecker. 3116 Hill St., $140,100

Mary S. Meriwether to Annette Francis. 112 Carriage Means, $305,000

Kevin and Kelly Matthews to Gary Williams & Son Growth LLC. Tons 27 and 28, block 5, Westover Heights, $119,000

Katherine M. Gerber to Christopher R. Hackman. 501 Lucado Place and 309 Clay St., $171,000

Sara E. Harp to Kenneth M. and Robin Lin Troutman. Lot 59, part 2, Westburg, $245,000

Oeida M. Hatcher to Aaron and Charlie Toddammon. 307 Warwick Lane, $219,000

Scott C. Tollar, Luke H. Tollar and Savannah L. Tollar to Westview Drive Belief. 1108 Westview Dr., $100,000

Melanie Migliaccio to Kenyon Road Belief. 320 and 324 Kenyon St., $90,000

Darry L. and Deborah D. Marshall to Louis Alonzo Preston Jr. and Pamela Preston. Lot 105, part 2, The Parks at Wyndhurst, $325,000

Morris Property Administration LLC to Penny Lane Builders LLC. 2300 Bedford Ave., $300,000

Abel E. Pors and Emily Okay. Pors to Lindsay Muddle Neighbors. Lot 1, block C, Oak Hill Addition, $169,900

The Richard Lee Bailey Revocable Dwelling Belief to Everett Sparrow. 1329 Campbell Ave., $62,000

Miguel A. Rodriguez to Melanie Daybreak Jennings. 2239 Sackett St., $9,000

Danny R. Wooldridge to 434 Properties LLC. 2802 Loraine St., $25,000

Constructing permits

Michael Lucado, 3720 Previous Forest Street, addition, $212,000

Park View United Methodist Church, 2420 Memorial Ave., addition, $20,000

NBS Holdings LLC, 1990 Fort Ave., renovation, $10,000

Younger Males’s Christian Affiliation, 801 Wyndhurst Dr., addition, $525,000

Logan’s Touchdown, 6343 Logan’s Lane, addition, $89,000

Air & Liquid Techniques Corp. 4621 Murray Place, restore, $253,132

Predominant LLC, 1500 Predominant St., addition, $25,000

Liberty College Inc., 1971 College Blvd., renovation, $16,731

Liberty College Inc., 751 Mountain View Street, renovation, $241,498.54

Liberty College Inc., 1971 College Blvd., renovation, $124,179.75

JB Forehand & Co. Inc., 4925 Boonsboro Street 1, renovation, $34,000

John Gunter, 53 Riverside Dr., addition, $18,000

Lengthy Meadows Inc., 2713 Rainbow Circle, new building, $200,000

Lengthy Meadows Inc., 2709 Rainbow Circle, new building, $200,000

Teyon Turpin, 1521 Bedford Ave., renovation, $30,000

Bentrick Bryant, 78 Village Street, renovation, $10,800

Jomar Bunque, 731 Chikasaw Street, renovation, $19,980

Nicole Rowland, 817 Byrd St., renovation, $16,200

Jacob Eades, 304 Warren Ave., renovation, $12,960

Vicki Wilcox, 216 Lookout Dr., renovation, $7,020

Tracy Proehl, 1206 Lakeside Dr., renovation, $9,720

Maddox and Son Development, 1500 Predominant St., renovation, $2,600,000

Matthew Bolster, 615 Victoria Ave., restore, $15,040

Dennis Lee, 108 Acres Court docket, renovation, $33,075.60

Paula Newland, 1329 Fenwick Dr., addition, $1,400

Anthony Manning, 1024 Sandusky Dr., renovation, $48,359.52

David Cannon, 3711 Sherwood Place, renovation, $92,460

Elmwood Holdings LLC, 119 Waughs Touchdown Dr. new building, $300,000

Joshua Rosene, 802 Pierce St., renovation, $5,000

Charles Van Corridor, 94 Acres Court docket, renovation, $30,587.76

Thuan Nguyen, 110 Wyndsong Place, addition, $35,975.16

Pavan Thallapragada, 105 Trinity Court docket, addition, $30,000

Donald Johnson, 1036 Ardmore Circle, addition, $68,940

Eugenia David, 1020 Jackson St., restore, $29,931.98

Trevor Prescott, 306 Towne Crier Street, addition, $64,860

Jessica Pfeiffer, 320 Westover Blvd., addition, $34,952

Thomas Nowell, 1526 Membership Dr., addition, $60,000

Kathleen Andrade, 4600 Boonsboro Street, renovation, $7,000

Nina Briggs, 1112 Dandridge Dr., renovation, $11,500

Dezmond Jones, 1038 Ardmore Circle, renovation, $64,420

Blue Beech Land LLC, 204 Euclid Ave., renovation, $19,000

Shane Claiborne, 1827 Royal Oak Dr., addition, $45,000

Evangelical Church Rivers of Dwelling Water AYP Inc., 623 Leesville Street, restore, $15,000

Sugeidys De Fritas Salazar, 591 Leesville Street, renovation, $57,660

Lisa Wyndham, 7160 Meadowbrook Street, renovation, $45,352.33

Tony West, 315 E St., renovation, $20,000

Walter Nurmi, 4017 Summit St., renovation, $3,500

Jesse Crumbley III, 303 Barkley Court docket, renovation, $100,000

Curtis Sailsbery, 1923 Mimosa Dr., renovation, $20,000

Andrew Pearson, 252 Norfolk Ave., renovation, $23,000

Jeremy Walsh, 2601 Hurdle Hill Street, renovation, $50,000

Shannon Whealton, 524 Hayes Dr., renovation, $15,660

William Hunt, 1408 Northwood Circle, renovation, $12,000

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