Discover the Best 42 Inch TVs

Discover the Best 42 Inch TVs

The 42 inch TV is the best choice when it comes to getting access to entertainment at an affordable price. This segment of TV also comes with the best smart features, which offer you amazing picture quality, sound quality, and a range of top-notch applications. So if you are considering buying a new TV, the 42-inch TV can be your best pick. Read this blog to discover the Best 42-inch TVs.

List of 42 Inch TV

Looking to buy a new TV for your home? Here are some best 42 Inch TVs that you can buy:


The best 42-inch is the LG OLED42C2PUA which is perfect in terms of viewing quality. The TV provides fantastic picture quality due to its near-infinite contrast ratio and additional smart features. It comes with a webOS interface that provides a vast collection of streaming apps that you can download and use for various purposes to get a different experience.

Due to its FDR content and unique color gamut, it features a vibrant picture experience to watch 4k content. This 42 Inch TV is best for streaming shows and is also excellent for playing games. All thanks to its near response time, which results in crystal apparent motion without any blur or ghosting behind fast–moving objects. Furthermore, it supports HDMI2.1 bandwidth and different refresh rates.

  1. Sony XR – 42A90K

Sony XR 42A90K is the best flagship TV by Sony. In terms of picture performance, The skin tones look very natural, and it is more vibrant and punchy with impressive highlights. It features XR Cognitive Processor which is made to deliver real quality and natural viewing experience. This is also a perfect device when it comes to the best gaming experience when paired with Playstation.

  1. TCL 40S325

The TCL 40S325 is another television perfect for people who prefer a sleek look. It includes easy channel control and built-in voice recognition that works with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It has a picture quality that’s better than a standard TV and you can perfectly choose it for all your entertainment needs in HD quality. This model is a good choice for people who enjoy home entertainment.

  1. JVC 42 Inch Smart TV

This 42-inch TV is a smart choice for entertainment as it comes with amazing picture quality and contrast depth. In terms of smart features, it has built-in Alexa which can help you control your TV and smart home appliances with your voice. It has DTS Virtual X for an amazing sound experience. This TV is best for enjoying movies and playing games in 4K quality.


The 42 inch TV model offers everything you need to enjoy your content. Be it movies, web series, or games, these TV offers amazing entertainment extravaganza mixed with perfect sound quality, picture quality, and immersive experience that will really make you ultimately fall in love with the amazing content. The 42-inch TV is perfect in terms of budget and features that suit everybody’s pocket well.

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