Top Spots for Budget-Friendly Personalised Jellycat Toys


New moms and dads are drooling over the sumptuous personalised Jellycat. But what’s so charming about it that every household has a whole squad of them? Get ready as this little creature is ready to cuddle and hug your baby as soon as they enter the world. You can’t help but love this snuggle-worthy friend. The lovely features and tender body make it the best pal for your kid. Jellycat toys have the spellbinding power to leave us all in awe. Moreover, they make a wonderful present for a little munchkin who has just arrived. And to let babies settle in their home, Jellycat toys stick together with them no matter what. With engaging expressions, sweet actions, and adorable facial features, these plushies win your heart and you’re bound to adore them.

All these factors make them stand apart from the regular stuffed toys. For every little angel that is soon to arrive, Jellycat toys provide a royal welcome. So, whether you want to present it to a wee one or need a cuddle companion for yourself, it fits every age group. What’s the delay for? Get your hands on the mesmerizing variety of these quirky creatures! No Singaporean baby gift store is complete without the Jellycat soft toys. Here, we have enlisted some of the best stores where you can find the best Jellycat toys at a budget-friendly price. Hop on the journey of fluffy toys with us!

Lovingly Signed:

Lovingly Signed has an irresistible variety of personalised Jellycat soft toys. With the rise in demand by parents across Singapore, this store provides a different variety of beautifully printed and colored Jellycat toys that are ready to make the world a better place for your baby. Whether you design your hamper or pick their premade one, Jellycat is a must-have. Check out their website and dive into an exciting collection of stuffed toys and baby gifts. At Lovingly Signed, your baby gift shopping expectations are met. Enjoy a seamless experience and let new parents smile from ear to ear. 

Little Baby:

It is no surprise because Jellycat toys are a feast for the eyes. Little Baby is yet another store that provides a range of plushies to win your hearts. The gift shop ensures to meet the huge demands of moms for squishy toys. Also, you can find all the newest arrivals of them at this store. Along with the premium Jellycat toys, you can shop for plenty of other baby gifts. From essentials to accessories to toys, the store has got it all. Little Baby places a keen focus on the safety of children and therefore, all their products pass the safety standards. So, shop online and get that magnificent Jellycat toy for your loved one. 

Mothers Work:

Giggles and chuckles all around the house with a snuggly Jellycat toy from Mothers Work! You can even personalize it to make it extra charming for a little one. Apart from Jellycats, you can shop for numerous other baby products that are sure to make anyone’s day. The plus point is that you can design your own hamper where you can add your favorite items including Jellycat toys. Paired with other items, Mothers Work provides nicely wrapped gifts that make your occasion memorable. With every item available in a single place, you are sure to find a wonderful present here.


Cheer up with the awe-inspiring personalised Jellycat variety from Lovingly Signed. With a delightful toy range, you can personalize the soft little jumper and make it a precious keepsake. From thoughtful baby items to sumptuous plushies, there is something for every baby out there. So, rush to Lovingly Signed and grab the best Jellycat toys for your little one. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What kind of personalization can I get for Jellycat toys in Singapore?

Common personalization on Jellycat toys include embroidering baby’s name, initials, or birthdate on the jumper of the toy or on blanket, in case of comforter. It surely becomes a precious keepsake to treasure lifelong.

  • How long does it take to deliver personalized Jellycat in Singapore?

Lovingly Signed can deliver your personalized Jellycat in Singapore on the same day if you place it before 3PM. For orders placed past 3PM, you will receive it on the next-day.

  • Are there any additional costs for personalization on Jellycat toys?

Lovingly Signed does not charge additionally for personalization on the Jellycat toys. The cost for personalization is included within the total cost of the toy.

  • Can I add a greeting card to personalized Jellycat toys?

Yes, you can. While placing your order on Lovingly Signed, check the option of greeting card to your gift. You can write down a lovely message to send your congratulations to the new parents. 


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